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Brand Strategy

Markenstrategie Beratung

HEJ Natural Brand Book

In my position as Team Lead Brand Development at the Goodlife Company, I had the exciting task of developing a brand strategy for HEJ Natural together with talented colleagues from the areas of branding, content and design. I was responsible for the entire project including schedule monitoring, coordination of tasks and workshops, and team briefings. I also created a comprehensive strategy document and presented it to the management. The result was a brand book that recorded all the important characteristics of the HEJ Natural brand. It included not only the strategy that defined where the brand journey is going, but also the visual and verbal language that supported our #snack better strategy. Thanks to this brand book, all employees received a uniform understanding of the brand and its positioning in the market. Additionally, it helped my team create meaningful campaigns that met both company and brand goals. As a result, HEJ Natural became more visible in the snack market and was able to continue to grow. What am I particularly proud of? The project was started in my very first weeks at HEJ Natural and I was able to get used to the brand very quickly. Together with the team, we were able to set up an extensive brand strategy within a very short time, which was positively received by all colleagues. What was my biggest learning? From my previous work in a large corporation, I was used to processes and schedules being strictly structured. But here I quickly realized that in a small (almost start-up) company, the processes are more dynamic and flexible. This has pushed me to adapt my way of working and schedules and to work with full agility.


Campaign Planning

Global campaign planning for the adidas brand

As (Senior) Omnichannel Market Activation Manager at adidas, my team and I defined the campaigns for each season by carefully determining their prioritization, distribution channels, timeframe and duration. In doing so, we always kept the uniform global brand message in mind. Together we determined the marketing tools used internationally (ATL, BTL, Digital) to maximize the reach and impact of the campaigns and ensure strong brand exposure. We then briefed the global business units and communicated clear requirements in order to make the campaigns and the creation of the marketing materials as effective as possible. In addition, we were in close contact with the markets, created reports and dealt intensively with the country-specific criteria, such as the reversed seasons. We continuously supported and advised the markets to ensure that the campaigns were implemented according to the global guidelines and guidelines and could achieve their full effect. With our extensive expertise in global campaign planning, we ensured that the global campaigns achieved the desired goals and helped strengthen the visibility of the adidas unified brand. What am I particularly proud of? We have successfully brought many different parties and factors together, which often takes time and the right arguments in a global corporation. I was able to fully develop my mediator skills here, especially the cooperation with the Latin American team was characterized by trust and reliability and led to the successful implementation of the campaigns. What was my biggest learning? Facts, facts, facts - without facts it was difficult to convince the business units and markets of the importance of implementing the uniform global campaign calendar. This resulted in our elaborately created reporting in Smartsheet, which gave us the right arguments and gave the team more credibility.

Kampagnenplanung adidas

Project Management

Projektmanagement Events

Reebok trade fair appearance at the FIBO

In my role as Senior Event Manager at CIP Marketing, I managed what was then the largest trade fair project for the Reebok brand at the FIBO trade fair in 2015. My small team of project managers supported me in bringing the booth to life. I was responsible for the entire project, from concept development and coordination with our customer Reebok to coordinating the service providers such as booth builders and freelancers who provided on-site support. Our booth covered a sales area of around 100 m² and an activation area of around 25 m², where we wanted to convince visitors of the newly launched Reebok Pump shoes. The stand was an absolute eye-catcher, which immediately caught the eye with its design and its size in the exhibition hall. In addition, we had planned various promotional activities in the city of Cologne and along the Rhine to draw attention to the Reebok brand, the new shoe and our booth. The project was a complete success! Our clients from Reebok were very satisfied with the implementation of Reebok's appearance. Thanks to the various activities, the sales and branding goals were even exceeded over the four days of the fair. What am I particularly proud of? This booth was my first big "event" that I was allowed to organize with my team. Apart from a few small challenges, which are inevitable in such projects, the organization and implementation went smoothly because we were well prepared thanks to an extensive project plan. What was my biggest learning? Trade fairs rarely go without small or large surprises. But I have learned that for every problem there is a solution. Quick decisions, working together in a team and giving clear instructions without losing track are particularly important.

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